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What matters in investing: returns you can eat

When you’re hungry, the only thing you really care about is what you can eat. Investing is like eating in that there is only one thing to care about – “returns you can eat.” Let me explain. You may have heard of this quote from Robert Kiyosaki, “it is not what you make, it is …

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Credit score: .25% could cost you thousands

Many people don’t understand the value of a good credit score. It’s more than the prestige of having a high number. It’s your ability to get a car loan, an established credit card and borrow when you’re ready to buy a home. As a consumer and an investor, you want to have access to credit …

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Real estate investing for income

It’s not uncommon for clients at or near retirement to own several pieces of either commercial or residential real estate that are being rented out for income to help create a nice return for their total investment portfolios. The question is – what is right and best to create income – especially at or near …

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