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IRS guides for in-house conversions of Roth 401k

New Roth IRA conversion rules create an interesting planning opportunity for certain investors who may want to consider taking advantage of this unique planning event. This article goes over the high points and these new changes as well as considerations you should have prior to making this selection for your own retirement plan. Read more …

The other way to save for college

Is there another way to save for college I should consider other than a 529 plan? It seems the only way people think of saving for their children’s college is by sending money to an outside college funding account. Is that truly the best way? Is there another strategy worth considering? Read more here. April-2014-Article-The-Other-Way-to-Save-for-College_Carlin

The Secret Advocate

Your financial advisor relationship is much more than just someone to manage your assets. A strong relationship with a quality advisor provides support that goes far beyond the brokerage statement. Read this article to see some of the areas where you should expect support. The-Hidden-Advocate-Article_Carlin-April-2013

The five star fund myth

It is a rookie move to believe that just because an investment is highly rated that it assures great results. This article takes a dive into the world of top rates, 5 star ranked mutual funds. Do they often repeat world class results? Read to learn more. The-Five-Star-Myth-_Carlin-July-2006