Tax loss harvesting: why bother?

When it comes to portfolios, some things stay the same no matter the generation of investor. At any age people hate losing money and love talking about their winning investments. I’ve practiced in the financial services industry for more than 20 years and I am amazed at how many stories I’ve heard about “the best …

Retirement pitfalls and how to avoid them

Many individuals will avoid the topic of retirement. When people thinking about retirement planning, they automatically assume the conversation will focus on the end of their life, so they disregard it. But we disagree with that and believe retirement planning is about focusing on how to best enjoy your life. To begin the retirement planning …

Money lessons that are important to pass along

The journey our children go through in life from a baby to their toddler years, to a teenager, to their eager years of adulthood can happen so quickly or it can feel like eternity. Throughout life you will teach your children many lessons that will help shape them while creating memories that will last a …

Retirement to-do list

We often make the analogy that before a plane comes in for it’s final landing, there are a series of critical steps to follow. It is similar to preparing for your retirement. This article goes through the final checks and strategies to consider before taking your personal financial plane down for it’s final landing. Read …

The pay you first college savings plan

As student loans reach stratospheric levels, it is critical to gather the right information before you decide how best to save for your children’s college education. This article goes over potentially a better way to help your children save for college while helping yourself first. Read more here: Article-Saving-for-College_Carlin-Aug-2015

Establish credit today, save tomorrow

A critical lesson for investors is to know and understand the value of a high credit score. Even saving one quarter of one percent on your interest can amount of a large amount of money over time. This article goes over the critical information related to knowing your credit score. Read more here. Article-Credit-Score-Checkup_Carlin-June-2015

3 Reasons to Look at Your 401k Now

Many working people across the United States have some form of 401k or retirement plan through work. Quite often they ignore their investment allocation. This artciel goes over the top three reasons to look at your investment mix right now! Read more here: Article-3-Reasons-to-Look-at-Your-401k_Carlin-Feb-2015

The Secret Advocate

Your financial advisor relationship is much more than just someone to manage your assets. A strong relationship with a quality advisor provides support that goes far beyond the brokerage statement. Read this article to see some of the areas where you should expect support. The-Hidden-Advocate-Article_Carlin-April-2013