The data behind the 2016 election

Currently, we are looking at one of the most unique elections. Now a days we tend of get caught in the media hype that reaches epic proportions for 2016 elections. It almost seems like every minor or major media outlet starts their news off with the theme targeting the appearance of Trump, discussing the tweets …

Finding a balance between life, debt and financial freedom

People tend to spend more money during the holidays then intended. This can result in unexpected debt and leave someone starting the New Year with their finances on the short end. Learning how debt works will teach you short term and long-term financial lessons when it comes to purchases. Read more here. Article-Paying-Down-Debt_Carlin-Nov-2015

Smart holiday spending strategies

‘Tis the season when spending is often at a peak. Amidst all the holiday chaos, this is a great time to reflect on your annual spending habits and quality spending strategies to use now and in the year ahead! Read more here: Article-Holiday-Shopping_Carlin-Nov-2014