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Executive Benefit Planning

When a traditional retirement plan no longer works for your organization and doesn’t properly address your executives’ needs, it’s time for a change. You want a plan that provides your executives with tax benefits while helping participants reach their personal retirement goals. Executive benefit planning can help your business:

  • Recruit top talent
  • Keep your best employees
  • Line up executive incentives to your business’s long term success
  • Reward and motivate key employees to do outstanding work
  • Create specific plans for retirement or for accessing funds before retirement:
    • Executive bonus plans
    • Non-qualified deferred compensation
    • Section 162 plans
    • 457f plans for nonprofit entities
    • Phantom stock plans

Non-Qualified Benefit Plans

Several Non-Qualified Plan options allow for a flexible amount of income to be deferred towards retirement – as much as 100% of one’s W-2 and bonus on a pre-tax basis. Dollars invested in Non-Qualified Plans allow for early distributions (before turning 59 ½ years old) without a penalty for a variety of reasons, for example, college education expenses. (Subject to 409A regulations.)

Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Plans

Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Plans are a contractual promise to pay employees in the future. Since there are several funding alternatives, the selection of the most appropriate system of contribution is a reflection on the culture and character of your individual organization. Our effective methods focus on the particulars of your organization so we can create a tailored approach to your plan.

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