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Services for Organizations

A lot goes into owning a business. While it’s exciting to head up your own company, there’s also a lot of responsibility; however, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Maybe you’re looking for ways to improve your benefits offerings for employees to help attract or retain top talent in your industry.  Or you’ve received an offer to buy your business and don’t know how to proceed. Whatever the case, our experienced advisor team can serve as an advocate and walk you through these important decisions. 

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Business Transition Planning

You spent years working hard to build your business and it’s time to consider transition. You may have several options to consider: 

  • An offer to buy your company outright
  • Sell to your employees
  • Work with an institution/broker to sell to the highest bidder
  • Sell to a competitive firm you already know in your space  

In all these cases, there is much planning to do and people’s financial lives to consider. Our team can provide a thoughtful, independent third-party view of your offers, analyze what they mean for you by using our comprehensive planning tools to create a financial forecast and address the remaining issues surrounding a business transition. Our experience in this area can help lead to thoughtful solutions for your company and treasured employees who help you achieve financial success.

What value would an advisor bring?

Fiduciary Services

Many business owners do not consider the risks associated with being the trustee of their company retirement plan and the challenges that crop up from not properly handling the responsibility of managing corporate money. Our advisors understand the risks and pitfalls involved and can help you implement a clear process to ensure that you’re meeting your fiduciary responsibilities including:

  • Investment policy statements
  • Investment selection
  • Investment fee and expense review
  • Investment implementation
  • Quarterly follow up
  • Ongoing maintenance

Fiduciary considerations of plan sponsors

Executive Benefit Planning

Offering great benefits is a crucial part of running a successful business and attracting the specific talent you’re looking for. Our executive benefit planning services cover a range of plan options that you can tailor to the needs of your business and your team members such as; 409(A) Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans, incentive-based compensation plans and golden handcuff strategies designed to attract and retain the most talented employees for your business. 

Retirement Planning

Providing retirement planning for your employees is not a one-step process. You need to select the best possible investment opportunities, establish policies and procedures, educate your participants and constantly monitor the retirement options you offer. Our advisors provide comprehensive administration and consulting services to help you maintain the best plan for your business as well as fiduciary support to help alleviate your fiduciary responsibilities required of all plan trustees.  

Health Insurance

The cost of providing health care is significant but it’s a necessary part of your business success. You don’t want a one-size-fits-all plan that doesn’t work for your participants’ needs or your company’s bottom line. Our advisors’ ability to mix and match provider networks and benefits means greater flexibility and cost-effective options for you. Let us help you discover if there is a way to optimize or improve the utilization and cost of your company’s health insurance coverage. 

Property and Casualty

InterOcean Capital offers comprehensive property and casualty insurance designed with your unique needs in mind. Our team of professionals understand all your investment and tax needs enabling us to deliver the ideal combination of protective policies designed to secure your finances from unknown risks.