A lot goes into owning a business. While it’s exciting to head up your own company, there’s also a lot of responsibility, however, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Maybe you’re looking for ways to improve your benefits offerings for employees. Or you’ve received an offer to buy your business. Whatever the case, our experienced advisor team can serve as an advocate and walk you through these important decisions.

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Executive Benefit Planning

When a traditional retirement plan no longer works for your organization and doesn’t properly address your executives’ needs, it’s time for a change. You want a plan that provides your executives with tax benefits while helping participants reach their personal retirement goals. Executive benefit planning can help your business:

  • Recruit top talent
  • Keep your best employees
  • Line up executive incentives to your business’s long term success
  • Reward and motivate key employees to do outstanding work
  • Create specific plans for retirement or for accessing funds before retirement:
    • Executive bonus plans
    • Non-qualified deferred compensation
    • Section 162 plans
    • 457f plans for nonprofit entities
    • Phantom stock plans

Non-Qualified Benefit Plans

Several Non-Qualified Plan options allow for a flexible amount of income to be deferred towards retirement – as much as 100% of one’s W-2 and bonus on a pre-tax basis. Dollars invested in Non-Qualified Plans allow for early distributions (before turning 59 ½ years old) without a penalty for a variety of reasons, for example, college education expenses. (Subject to 409A regulations.)

Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Plans

Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Plans are a contractual promise to pay employees in the future. Since there are several funding alternatives, the selection of the most appropriate system of contribution is a reflection on the culture and character of your individual organization. Our effective methods focus on the particulars of your organization so we can create a tailored approach to your plan.


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Retirement Planning

If you’re a business owner, smart retirement planning and executive benefit planning options can help contribute to the success of your company. From establishing policies and procedures to plan management, our professionals are experienced in helping you navigate these important business decisions and provide ongoing services for:

  • 401(k) plans
  • 403(b) plans
  • Executive benefit plans
  • Defined benefit plans
  • SEP-IRAs

Finding the Right Solution

You want a plan that includes the best possible investment opportunities and maximizes your retirement benefits while minimizing the financial impact. Our advisors provide expert administration and consulting services without selling you any proprietary products. Your comprehensive planning process will include:

  • A thorough review of your current retirement plan
  • A detailed analysis comparing your current plan to alternative solutions
  • Key structural procedures to manage your new plan successfully over time

Improving Plan Participation

For your plan to be successful, you want as many team members as possible participating. The key to making that happen is letting your team know about the value and benefits they can receive. Once your new plan is in place, your advisors will help establish ongoing communication and education strategies to maximize participation and help your team members understand the investments.


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Health Insurance

The most significant impact on your ability to hire and retain your employees is the health benefits that your business offers. The price of providing health care still remains one of the most costly, inflationary and necessary expenses of running a successful business.

When it comes to choosing the right plan for your business, you want knowledge, flexibility and a wide range of cost-effective options. Our ability to mix and match provider networks and benefits allows you greater flexibility in employer and employee contributions. This is something you won’t find with brokers and agents who usually provide a one-size fits all option that doesn’t properly address your business’s or your employees’ needs. Our health plans include:

  • Business health care consulting
  • Health reimbursement account – compatible
  • Health savings account – compatible
  • High deductible health plans
  • HMOs
  • PPOs

With a plan in place, you will receive annual reviews and comparisons to other cost effective health care platforms to make sure your plan continues to be the best option for your business and employees.

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