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Retirement Planning

Your retirement plan should focus on providing the kind of lifestyle you want to maintain when your working days are over. Our independent, experienced advisors will work with you to understand your challenges, needs and ideas to put together a plan that will provide you with the resources and strategies you need to meet your goals and ensure a comfortable retirement for you and your family. Our advisors will do a full inspection of your finances and provide a plan that will:

  • Take all aspects of your finances into account
  • Draw up projections to show how your finances come together over time
  • Provide investment recommendations and financial advice
  • Make sure your portfolio works for you on a risk adjusted basis
  • Take into account economic events and cycles

Retirement planning involves more than just showing up with your money and walking away with a plan. You may come in thinking you’re going to address just one issue that’s on your mind but we’re going to look at all of them to help put you on the path to reaching your goals.

If you prefer a more hands on approach, check out HHWM Direct. Whether you want to retire early or you’re looking for simplified planning, Direct is a low fee option that lets you take the reigns on investing your money so you can retire when and how you want.

Improving Plan Participation

For your plan to be successful, you want as many team members as possible participating. The key to making that happen is letting your team know about the value and benefits they can receive. Once your new plan is in place, your advisors will help establish ongoing communication and education strategies to maximize participation and help your team members understand the investments.

Retirement Lunch + Learn Webinars

Henry+Horne Wealth Management produces a series of complimentary webinars designed to educate retirement plan administrators and provide tools and knowledge to help them manage and grow their plans.

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