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Property + Casualty

Wealth management is about more than managing and protecting your assets from market volatility. True wealth management includes protecting your financial wellbeing from unnecessary risks. Henry+Horne Wealth Management offers comprehensive property and casualty insurance designed with your unique needs in mind. Our team of professionals understand all your investment and tax needs enabling us to deliver the ideal combination of protective policies designed to secure your finances from unknown risks.

What is Protection?

Protection is peace of mind. You may think you don’t need a certain coverage. You may be working with a Property+Casualty professional you haven’t spoken to since your policies were issued. You may have even tried to design your own policies. But those few dollars you’re saving a month and your unwatched policies could end up costing you big if the coverage is not correct.

Why Henry+Horne Wealth Management?

Who knows more about your current financial situation and your long-term financial needs than your wealth advisor and accountant?  Let the team you already know and trust manage your assets and prepare your taxes designed for your family’s liability coverage to best suit your needs.

Our team of professionals will review your current home, auto and business insurance. We compare your current coverage to the type of coverage best suited given your total financial situation and your long-term financial plans.  We’ll continually monitor and manage your home/auto/business coverages to reflect the best solutions for you as your life and goals evolve.

Insurance Services

You may never need the protection adequate coverage affords you, but if you do you can be confident you will have the right coverage.

Our Process

  • Conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of your current coverage.
  • Compare your current coverage with available plans to see if you’re missing protection.
  • Review your personal financial situation with our wealth management and tax teams to be sure your coverages are in line with your current financial plan.
  • Present a report on where you can improve your coverage, cost effectiveness or both.
  • Provide options to bundle services.
  • Routinely review your coverages to ensure your needs are being met.
  • If better or more efficient alternatives come up, seek to make enhancements and replacements to optimize the policy over time.

Insurance is an important but often overlooked part of your comprehensive wealth management strategy. Any coverage is not always the right coverage. We optimize your coverage to suit your total financial picture.  The right combination of property and casualty insurance can protect your loved ones, property and business.

Identifying Your Needs

Your circumstances are unique. Our advisors create individualized solutions sourced from countless insurance carriers. We provide recommendations only after doing an extensive review of your existing policies, current financial picture and answering these three questions:

  • What type of insurance is needed and what coverage amounts are required to protect your finances in your current financial situation?
  • Is there a better policy to provide the amount of coverage required?
  • Does the most cost-effective coverage improve your protection?

The Right Policy for You

Several factors can impact property and casualty policy needs including the market environment, changes in your net worth and even changes in your life circumstances. As life evolves, your policies need to be reviewed and managed. Your current property and casualty policy may have worked for you in the past, but it may no longer be sufficient or could be optimized to save cost while lowering risk. Working with Henry+Horne Wealth Management, you will have access to a broad network of top-notch insurance products. Let us help you figure out which one is the best fit.

Our Carriers

We work with the best insurance carriers to suit our client’s needs.  Some of the carriers we use include: