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Who knows more about your current financial situation and your long-term financial needs than your wealth advisor and accountant?  Let the team you already know and trust manage your assets and prepare your taxes designed for your family’s liability coverage to best suit your needs.

Why InterOcean Capital?

Our team of professionals will review your current home, auto and business insurance. We compare your current coverage to the type of coverage best suited given your total financial situation and your long-term financial plans.  We’ll continually monitor and manage your home/auto/business coverages to reflect the best solutions for you as your life and goals evolve.

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What insurance are you looking for?

Homeowners insurance

Provides coverage to your home and personal property in the case of damage or loss, and provides protection against certain accidents. Your mortgage lender will require homeowners insurance and proper coverage will provide financial stability if facing a total loss.

Auto insurance

If you drive a car on public roads, you’re required to carry auto insurance. Whether you opt for a state’s minimum requirement or want full coverage, your auto insurance protects your financial health.

Business insurance

Workers compensation, professional liability and cyber coverages are but a few policies you can put into place to protect your business. Choosing the right business insurance ensures there are no lapses in coverage or risks that could destroy your business.

Umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance works to protect all your assets, ensuring you have the correct underlying limits on your home and auto policies. 

Our Carriers

We work with the best insurance carriers to suit our client’s needs. Some of the carriers include:

Are you ready to get started?

All we need is a copy of declarations page of your insurance policy to get the review process started. You can upload those directly using the secure dropbox.


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