Plan Performance Direct

Executive Benefit Retirement Planning

Sometimes the retirement plan offered through your employer just isn’t enough. It can’t provide you with all of the necessary long-term savings you want. For many executives, there is a greater need for a comprehensive and more rewarding approach to planning your future and meeting your retirement objectives. Tell us your long term goals so our experts can help identify the opportunities that may give you the greatest tax benefits and deferring options for your retirement, college education and other high priority financial goals.

Not only will you receive a plan tailored to your needs and anticipated retirement date, but also an alternative that will allow you to access your money sooner, if you choose. These options include:

  • Executive bonus plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans (similar to a traditional 401(k) with unique tax advantages)
  • Section 162 plans

Let us help you explore what else is out there and find the best option, which might even include DIY investing through InterOcean Capital Direct, a low fee service we offer that lets you invest your money on your terms. Whichever route works best for you, we can help you create a custom plan to reach your goals.

True wealth management includes protecting your financial wellbeing from unnecessary risks. InterOcean Capital offers comprehensive property and casualty insurance designed with your unique needs in mind.