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Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce Financial Planning

The legal and financial side of divorce can be complex during an already emotional time. For most couples, divorce isn’t easy, and often requires both parties to hire attorneys to navigate the complicated legal system. While attorneys are the professionals to walk you through the legal side of divorce, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA, should be an essential part of your divorce team.

InterOcean Capital has the expertise to help individuals better navigate the financial issues faced during the divorce process. Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst coaches’ clients through the unknown. Together, we work to clarify your pre/post divorce financial picture and help you to understand how settlement decisions made today set your path forward.

An InterOcean Capital CDFA professional has extensive knowledge of:

How we help you during your divorce:

  • Work collaboratively with attorneys, mediators and clients
  • Examine the financial impact of various settlement proposals
  • Help you better understand tax consequences of divorce settlement
  • Determine tax implications of property division, child support and alimony
  • Set up a post-divorce budget
  • Save you money

Even long after the papers are signed and the case has ended, your CDFA continues to partner with you. We want to see you through, answer questions, and effectively manage your new financial situation.