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Vacation smarter: tips, trends + your money

Listen as we discuss why vacations are necessary and how you can travel smarter: vacation financial tips, including how much to spend; the health, life and work benefits of travel; pitfalls to watch for when booking your own travel; things you always wanted to know about vacation planning; and top travel trends for 2019. Guest host: Roxanne Boryczki, owner of AZ Trails Travel

Smart money moves to make you happy

A question we ask ourselves and often hear does money really make someone happy? It is an old question, but an expectation we set that if you have more money you would be more satisfied with life. People have this assumption because they afford to do whatever they want and that automatically creates happiness. That …

Smart holiday spending strategies

The holiday countdown is on, which means the pressure is on to get your holiday shopping done. Shopping means spending and most people go into the holidays without a spending plan. You think you’re being smart by looking for sales and bargains, but you spend far more than you should. However, the holidays don’t have …

4 Major retirement pitfalls to avoid

People like to avoid talking about retirement. It’s a moment for many to become a real-life ostrich and bury their heads firmly in the sand. Why? They think retirement planning is a conversation that focuses on the end of your life, so they ignore it. However, it’s about how to best enjoy your life. To …

2018 4th Quarter Market Outlook

2018 4th Quarter Market Outlook – conflict free unbiased view on how we see economic fundamentals and the stock market coming together to drive our portfolio decisions. An inside look on how we do what we do for the fourth quarter of 2018.

The psychology of money

Does money stress you out? It doesn’t have to. Listen as we discuss the role of your psychological upbringing dealing with money, questions you can ask to change how you think about money, how to deal with different money habits and the effects of trying to keep up with the Joneses. Guest host: Sarah Newcomb, Senior Behavioral Scientist + Author

What is the gig economy anyway?

I always think about the market and the economy. For me, it’s fun to sit and ponder the future of our economic growth, the future of industry and what our country will look like in years to come. I can lose myself in futurist thinking like driverless cars, space travel and even the miniscule microscopic …

4 Money tips you can’t afford to pass up

With all the money saving ideas floating around, I find that there are a few basic financial areas to address that most people forget about that can help maximize your dollars. This isn’t by any means a comprehensive list, but I would rather provide a list of key areas to consider – instead of a …

Money: 4 rules of thumb

How much should I save for retirement? How much house can I afford? How much should I save for emergencies? These are important questions to consider for your financial future. Here’s a breakdown of the money rules of thumb that should help shape your financial plan. Retirement savings Rule of thumb: at least 10% of …