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Join us as we discuss the past, present and future of digital currencies; its long-term staying power; and William’s views on the ways to explore investing in this most volatile asset class. Guest host: William Quigley, CEO, OPSkins

2018 2nd Quarter market outlook

A conflict free unbiased view on how we see economic fundamentals and the stock market coming together to drive our portfolio decisions. An inside look on how we do what we do for the second quarter of 2018. Guest host: Steffan Dye

Generating income from real estate

There are many ways to generate an income from different investments when reaching that retirement stage in your life. One investment that is rising popular to the public is owning commercial or residential real estate. With hopes of long-term profit there is also risks you must understand when it comes to purchasing any real estate. …

Preparing for divorce: individuals

Listen as we discuss the ins and outs of finances and divorce: pre-planning steps to consider before you get married; short-term and long-term financial needs if you’re going through a divorce; steps for older divorcing spouses; pros and cons of mediation and litigation; and the importance of using professional advisors. Guest host: Leslie Satterlee, Attorney, Partner at Woodnick Law

The rules to remember for your money

The rules of thumb for financial planning are helpful because they create easy to remember strategies for difficult financial concepts. The problem that is these rules of thumbs can be misinterpreted, misused, or misunderstood. Let’s break down the crucial rules of thumb and discuss the best way to apply them to your life to create …

Looking at the economy for 2018

2017 marked a year of great performance for the stock market. It seemed to be the topic of every conversation and investors were thrilled. Personally, when people found out I manage money for a living the questions of what do you think the market is going to do this year? Do you think that the …

The pros to reviewing your finances early

As we approach the 2017 holidays this upcoming season it is time to reflect on your financial year as well looking into your financial future for 2018. By starting the conversation off with how well you performed this year so we can get a better understanding on what needs to happen for your finances in …

What we often forget when it comes to retirement

The last thing we want to think about is the possibility of future care as adults. When I meet with my clients and we have the discussion of long-term care their least favorite thing to talk about is care related to eating, bathing, chores around the house, and day to day needs. It is hard …

Trump’s administration and the economy

The big proposals President Trump is set to put forward vary from balancing the budget to very favorable economic decisions from Capitol Hill that potentially could increase both business activity and personal consumption. The major seven initial sets President Trump has listed on his website are, U.S. – China Trade Relations, Protecting Second Amendment Rights, …