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Driverless cars

A world of driverless cars may seem like a lifetime away. Truth is – the technology is ready now. Listen as we discuss: future innovations in driverless car tech – perhaps getting a workout in your car?!; the steps necessary for total driverless adoption; and how driverless cars aim to improve your quality of life. Guest host: Dr. Lina Karam, Arizona State University

2018 3rd Quarter market outlook

A conflict free unbiased view on how we see economic fundamentals and the stock market coming together to drive our portfolio decisions. An inside look on how we do what we do for the third quarter of 2018. Guest host: Steffan Dye, Vice President, Henry+Horne Wealth Management

Nonprofits, tax reform + hard times

Listen as we discuss why giving is more important than ever: the impact of tax reform on giving, nonprofit operations – an inside look and the role of nonprofits in our community. Guest host: Heather Allen, President + CEO of Halo Animal Rescue