When you’re using portfolio management services, you should ask two key questions before deciding to invest: 

  1. What kind of services do I have access to?
  2. What kind of guidance do I get?

Other direct investing platforms may offer you financial support and advice outside of the portfolio, but it often comes at a higher charge or additional fee. With InterOcean Capital Direct, you have access to our full suite of services whenever you may need them and our advisors are always available to help you.


Investing is just one part of your financial strategy. There’s also your goals, cash flow, retirement and more to consider. At InterOcean Capital Direct, the guidance goes far beyond your custom portfolio. Our advisors can help with other areas of your overall financial picture.

Trying to decide what type of life insurance you may need and how to buy it is an excellent example of how you can utilize the team at  InterOcean Capital to provide the clear financial advice you need to make a good decision. Understanding your life insurance options as well as navigating long-term care insurance and disability insurance is a crucial part of your financial plan. Our professionals are on standby to help you analyze your options and even implement the insurance, should we believe it’s the best move for you and your family. 

There may be times in your life when you need help and support as you’re going through a difficult transition such as a death or a divorce. Maybe you’re asking yourself what should I do – or you don’t even know where to start. Our advisors can help you navigate the complex array of issues and tasks that come up during life’s tragedies and are ready to jump in when needed.  

You’ve chosen to invest for a reason – you have goals and your investments can help you get there. This is where our professionals can create a personalized financial forecast to help you lay out a plan for reaching those goals, like retirement. Your forecast will show how long it will take you, what you need to do to get there and help monitor if you’re staying on track. The areas you want more support with are up to you, so let us know how our team can help. If you’re interested in more in-depth financial planning services, check out what InterOcean Capital offers.

Personalized Advice

At InterOcean Capital Direct, our tenured team of financial experts can be reached with an email or phone call at your convenience. They’re here to provide the custom service level you want – whenever you need it. So, if you’ve got questions, want a quick check-in of your investments or need something else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. When and how often we chat is totally up to you and our advisors are always available.

Invest your money on your terms with InterOcean Capital Direct

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