Our annual fees start at 0.325% with an account balance as low as $5,000.

Bottom line, fees matter. They reduce performance in your investment account and may not correspond with the level of service you’re receiving. Many direct investing platforms claim to be low cost but offer few services or reserve certain services for “special” clients.

With InterOcean Capital Direct, all our clients are premium clients. You will have access to our full range of services and our annual fees start at 0.325% with a minimum account balance of $5,000. As your account balance grows, our system is designed so that your fees will go down.

InterOcean Capital Direct Assets Under Management InterOcean Capital Fee
Up to $100,000 0.325%
$100,001 to $250,000 0.30%
$250,000 to $500,000 0.25%
Above $500,000 0.20%

Fees Impact

High fees can affect the amount of potential portfolio growth you may experience over time. It’s surprising to see the difference a seemingly small fee can make for your long-term growth.

Imagine this – you work hard and save the best you can. Hypothetically, let’s assume a few things:

The difference in your portfolio growth by having investments that are 1% less expensive is significant. If everything works out and you followed the rules in this example, you would potentially have $395,284. However, if your fees are increased by just 1% more, you would only accumulate $329,918 – $65,365 less!

*Any rates of return shown are for illustrative purposes only and are neither guaranteed nor implied. Actual rates of return will be based upon the actual performance of selected investments. Taxes and fees are not a consideration in the illustrated returns.

For illustrative purposes only.

Many investors do not realize or think about the impact of fees, but this chart is a perfect example of the huge difference 1% can make in your long-term financial success, so be sure to pay attention to fees.

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