The pay you first college savings plan

As student loans reach stratospheric levels, it is critical to gather the right information before you decide how best to save for your children’s college education. This article goes over potentially a better way to help your children save for college while helping yourself first. Read more here: Article-Saving-for-College_Carlin-Aug-2015

Establish credit today, save tomorrow

A critical lesson for investors is to know and understand the value of a high credit score. Even saving one quarter of one percent on your interest can amount of a large amount of money over time. This article goes over the critical information related to knowing your credit score. Read more here. Article-Credit-Score-Checkup_Carlin-June-2015

Smart holiday spending strategies

‘Tis the season when spending is often at a peak. Amidst all the holiday chaos, this is a great time to reflect on your annual spending habits and quality spending strategies to use now and in the year ahead! Read more here: Article-Holiday-Shopping_Carlin-Nov-2014

IRS guides for in-house conversions of Roth 401k

New Roth IRA conversion rules create an interesting planning opportunity for certain investors who may want to consider taking advantage of this unique planning event. This article goes over the high points and these new changes as well as considerations you should have prior to making this selection for your own retirement plan. Read more …

The other way to save for college

Is there another way to save for college I should consider other than a 529 plan? It seems the only way people think of saving for their children’s college is by sending money to an outside college funding account. Is that truly the best way? Is there another strategy worth considering? Read more here. April-2014-Article-The-Other-Way-to-Save-for-College_Carlin